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Landlord Insurance


Having rent arrears or a bad tenant is every Landlord's worst nightmare. No matter how well you check your tenants, problems can and will present themselves. Your tenant may lose their job, they may refuse to leave your property or they may just refuse to pay the rent. All these problems are going to leave any Landlord seriously out of pocket and even more so when there is a mortgage on the property that still needs to be paid.

These problems can easily be protected, by taking out a Rent Guarantee and/or Rent Guarantee insurance. Whether you own one or one hundred properties, our policy will provide that extra peace of mind, so if you do get a bad tenant or your rent is unpaid you no longer need to be out of pocket or worry about that mortgage payment.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Rent Recovery

Covers your legal rights to recover rent owed to you by your tenant Eviction of Squatters:

Covers your legal rights to evict squatters from your property

Property Damage

Covers you to pursue costs for physical damage to your property

Legal Defence

Covers you to defend your legal rights if you are prosecuted in a criminal court following an event arising from letting your property

24hour Helpline Services

Provides you with confidential legal advice on any personal matter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also included is a Domestic Assistance helpline and a Counselling helpline


Covers your legal rights in getting possession of your property

Rent Arrears

We will pay you your rent arrears if your tenant defaults on the rent, we will also; Pay 50% of your rent for 3 months if your property needs repairing after possession has been gained

Tax Protection

Covers you to be represented if there is a full enquiry into your personal tax affairs and any subsequent appeal

Contract Disputes

Covers your legal rights for contractual disputes in relation to your property, Covers all areas and all tenant types in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Cover provides protection for up to £50,000 per incident and is provided by DAS Rent Guarantee Insurance Company who are Europe’s leading Rent Guarantee Company. Don’t take that unnecessary chance, insure today and protect your finances for tomorrow.